Corporate Event

Event Package

Priced to meet the needs of the event

Four (4) hour event preparation including:

  • 2 Hour of client consultation for event schedule, program of music and announcements during the entire evening. Introduction of any guests if applicable. Includes announcements and coordinate with your vendors during your reception
  • 1 Disc Jockey / Master of Ceremonies, both English/Spanish speaking.
  • Complete Music and Video library provided for host/guests to select from prior/during the event.
  • 2 UHF wireless microphone used to make announcements, or additional audio activities
  • 2 RCF 1,400 Watt Powered Speakers and 4 Dance floor lights to accommodate size of dancing area and amount of guests at your reception (This is a perfect system for 300+ guest.
  • Overtime will be based on hourly increments of $100

Corporate Events

Small Locations

We offer customized packages for any size location. The picture at your right, shows a projection screen, 2 speaker system with lights. Access to thousands of songs. Ideal for small areas when celebrating company parties, employee birthday parties, celebrations, or corporate events.

Contact us so we can discuss the DJ setup ideal for your event. We can give you the best quote suitable to the type of performance you need.

Corporate Event

Corporate Events

Large Locations

We offer customized packages for any size location. The picture at your left shows dual displays, sound system customized to size of location along with intelligent lighting. Access to thousands of songs. Ideal for large locations when celebrating employee functions, Christmas parties, anniversaries or corporate events.

Contact us so we can discuss the DJ setup ideal for your event. We can give you the best quote suitable to the type of performance you need.


Private or Public Events

Our services has have been used for all types of events. Providing PA (Public Address) systems to make announcements at various halls, churches and banquet areas to SR (Sound Reinforcement) for live performances.

  • Reception Halls
  • Banquet Rooms
  • Grand Ballrooms
  • Activities Room
  • Restaurants
  • Residential Areas
  • Band Sound Reinforcement

Any Event, Anywhere

We handle all types of events, if you do not see it listed here, just ask us. Remember, we've been providing DJ services since 1978 so we have experienced all types of events. We can handle Corparate Events, and Private Parties.

  • Tent and Outdoor Events
  • Parks and Beaches
  • Amusement Parks
  • Convention Centers
  • Warehouses
  • Patios
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Board Rooms


What is a GOBO?

A "name in lights" GOBO projection image or Logo can be added to personalize your event even more. GOBO is the Company name image displayed from our 5,000 Luminus projectors. The image usually contains names, initials, a logo or a message and can be projected onto the dance floor or other surface at your wedding or special event.



Once you decide on a GOBO, it's a fun and simple 3-step process: Select the design you prefer from our 5 examples. Custom-made designs from your ideas are an available option too. Our graphic art department will design a proof and send it for your approval.  Once approved, we'll create the Gobo of your design, to be installed into our Video projector and displayed for your entire event. The cost is $250, when added to any up lighting or DJ package. 



Book both a DJ and Up Lighting together and add a GOBO for just $200 on our discounted. Gobo projection onto every open surface at a venue is not always possible due to the venue's physical limitations. We'll need proper space to position the spotlight projector and it's stand correctly and safely.  Ideally, placing the projector a distance of 15 to 100 feet from the center of the dance floor or directly opposite the wall behind the head table is best for maximum, optimal impact of this lighting effect.



Up Lighting

Also known as Architectural Lighting

Up Lighting packages are priced according to the total number of LED fixtures your event requires. Packages are available starting with just 10 up lights for smaller or 24 for larger events, and all rentals include the designer/technician for up to 5 hours.  The more lighting fixtures you reserve, the greater the coverage and the more flexibility your lighting designer will have in placing the lighting for maximum effect. To arrive at a very rough estimate of how many lights you might need, divide your number of guests by 8.  This little formula is a good minimum number of fixtures to start with, but by no means is it the definitive number of up lights for every venue or situation.  We keep a photo gallery of almost every venue we've up lit and a quick call or visit to us will help you choose the package that is the best fit for your location and budget. If we haven't up lit your venue before, a member of our professional lighting staff will be happy to meet you at the venue at no charge to evaluate the best options and discuss cost-effective packages and effective up lighting to meet your vision and goals.

Up Lighting Rentals

For those who are interested in simply booking the up lighting alone, a degreed lighting designer/technician is always included for a full 5 hours at no additional charge. We do not rent up lights as a "deliver it, turn it on, pick it up later" rental, even when you want just one color all night.  To assure consistent lighting requires an attentive, skilled technician present.  Your event will benefit from your trained professional lighting designer making sure everything runs perfectly for your entire event and adjusting or relocating fixtures if necessary, at any time


Rates are fair, consistent and based on a standardized formula that takes into account only the equipment used and the length of the event. This is part of our commitment to professional integrity and to making as much information available to you as possible. Our pricing is not a secret because it is not subjective -- we do not engage in "price gouging" our customers based on what we think they can afford to pay. Weddings make up 95% of the events we do, and we put a tremendous amount of time and resources into making sure each wedding is a success. We only perform for one wedding per day, and are meticulous about their planning and preparation. We gladly (and legally) purchase all of the requested music for every event we do, and the time we're willing to spend meeting with and communicating with our clients is limitless. "How do you set prices?” Because we feel that the only "right" way to do an event is to provide the very best possible talent, equipment and service, our view is that offering a range of pricing also means offering a range of quality -- something we would never be willing to do. We can't be half as good for half the price, or twice as good for twice the price. We will simply do our very best for each of our clients for a fair price, therefore we stand by our fair and consistent pricing. We do our best to purchase any music requested if available through Rhapsody music service if not already in our music database. We take care of any applicable parking fees as needed for our parking needs A 50% deposit is required to secure your date with us and we work on a first come retainer system only. The balance is required 14 days prior to your event.



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